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How do coating companies do precision marketing?

Industry News
2020/05/26 15:01
In the era of big data, the scale and scale of online media distribution in all walks of life are constantly growing, and coating companies naturally face more diversified promotion channels. Once the resources are dispersed, it is difficult to achieve the corresponding results. Therefore, in order to make the investment get good results, precision marketing has become a must for the paint company. Then, how can coating companies achieve accurate marketing? This requires coating companies to grasp the trend, do a good job in data collection, data management and data decision-making, and complete and three-dimensional portraits of users.
The first trend is that online advertising is on the rise, while traditional advertising is declining. This trend is partly because of the popularity of smartphones in the network environment, and even the improvement of hardware devices, including the application of 4G networks, which makes it easier for people to browse the web and search; on the other hand, because of online advertising. More flexible, more cost-effective; online advertising effects can be quantified, paint advertisers can know if every penny is spent after it is effective.
The second trend is that the form of online advertising is more diverse. Especially search ads. The various forms of advertising derived from search data should be more and more important in the future. The online user's online search behavior is affected by many factors. On the one hand, they are exposed to more and more media. On the other hand, the user's decision is fragmented, especially on the mobile side. As you can find in many data reports, the channel that may lead to conversions is usually search, and the search conversion effect is good. But paint companies need to pay attention to the fact that every contact is important in the whole user decision process.
The third trend is that users' decisions are increasingly complex and fragmented, so data monitoring and analysis will become increasingly important. In the concept of the 
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